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Nazi-era memorial march leads to clashes

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Around 600 right-wing supporters marched Saturday in the German city of Magdeburg in memory of the 1945 Magdeburg bombings, clashing with police and counter-protesters. The march was organised to commemorate those who died during the bombings.

About 1,500 counter-protesters marched in opposition to the far-right demonstrators, and around 4,000 police were on hand to maintain order.

Magdeburg was heavily bombed during World War II, causing over 6,000 deaths. An air strike wiped out nearly all of the old city, reducing 90 percent of its building to ruins. Soviet troops took over the eastern parts of the city in the spring of 1945, while American troops occupied the western sites. This eventually led to East German control over the city, until reunification in 1990.


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